110 East Gunter Street     Madill, OK 73446    (580) 795-4341




     $12 minimum 


Comforters, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Quilts & all Down Items


     $12-$20 per item



Drop-Off Laundry Service:

   General household full service laundry prices are determined by their weight. All items are washed, dried, folded, and bagged. This service includes laundry soap, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. For an additional fee, we can iron your drop-off laundry. 

     *Work Day or Next Day $1.25/lbs

     *Express $1.65/lbs


Fill & Go Laundry Service:

   This is a great service for those who are in a hurry! Our fill and go option allows you to load the washer just the way you want, start the machines with your quarters, check in with us, and go! We will dry and fold your laundry, bag it and shoot you a text when it’s done! This service includes dryer sheets. 

     *Top Load $6/Load

     *Front Load Double $10/Load

     *Front Load Triple $13/Load

     *Front Load Quad $15/Load 


Dry & Fold Service:

   Dryer quit working? Last minute plans? Bring us your wet clothes and we will dry and fold them for you, notifying you when they are ready to go! This service includes dryer sheets. 

     *Flat fee of $7.00 + $1.00/lbs


Fold-Only Service:

     Tired of your clean laundry being moved from one couch to the other? Is your treadmill a second closet? Having to much fun matching your socks? We offer a fold-only service! Drop off your laundry and let us do the work! We will let you know when it’s ready to be picked up and put away! 


     *Flat fee of $5.00 + $1.00/lbs

Let us help you with your chores this week! Call or come by to visit with Candice or Kayla about our drop off services! We’ll do the laundry so you don’t have to!